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Friday 22 April 2011

Reminiscing Friday: Dawn of the Demontide

A new feature which I'm going to test out from time to time where I highlight reviews, and posts of old to see what I was reading this time last year! Not only just to see what I read reading  but also to show that while there are tonnes of amazing new books coming out, there are always some treasures just waiting to be discovered!

And today I start by highlighting my review of William Hussey's horrific beaut, Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide! Released last March I was lucky to recieve a review copy from the lovely folk at OUP!

Since then the second book in the series, Gallows at Twilight has been released and it to is a corker! With the third and final book, The Last Nightfall due for publication in September, 2011 looks set to be a good year for William! Make sure to check out the review HERE! and do not forget to check the books out! Cannot recommend them enough!

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