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Saturday 9 April 2011

Cover VS Cover: Scopia Rising

US // UK

Today I pit the US and the UK covers for Scorpia Rising against one another. The final book in  Anthony Horowitz' incredibly successful, addictive and epic Alex Rider series, it came out last week and while both covers are pretty eye catching, they are very different from one another!

I really like the colouring on the US one, how the scorpion looks like it's red hot. And I like the background image too of the sniper. 

And on to the UK cover... wow. What can I say?! Certainly makes you look again doesn't it? And the effect is even more so when you see the actual book in the flesh. I love the simplicity of it. Just a black cover with the red scorpion. And you'll see that there's no title, but there is a lacquer layer on the actual book that you can read when the light hits it. Pretty cool! The onlt downside to this cover is the scorpion. We've already had a scorpion on one of the covers and this one is pretty much identical apart from the actual stinger is positioned slightly different. But that's by the by. The whole cover itself is just so brilliant it doesn't even matter. It's just something I noticed a bit.

This week I have to go with the UK cover. It's just so plain to see why. The US one is good, but just doesn't compare to the UK one.

So which one do you guys prefer?


  1. I completely agree with you, the UK one is better by far. If I was in a book shop I'd cross the shop to pick up the UK version to find out more but I doubt I'd bother for the US version.