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Sunday 24 April 2011

Announcing 'Vampirate Week' - June 2011!

If you are a regular reader of the blog, or my tweets for that matter, or have even gone deep into the abyss of my reviews when I first started, you'll know I am a MASSIVE fan of Justin Somper and his Vampirates books. I think they are brilliant, and pretty much perfect in every way. And so therefore I am majorly, extremely, butterflies in my stomach, excited to read the sixth and final book, Immortal War which is published on 9th June (46 days according to Waterstones!!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!! And therefore, to show and really fulfill my excitement, I'd like to announce...

Yes that's right! :D VAMPIRATES WEEK is coming to EoB! There'll be lots of fun. Reviews of the past 5 books, all sorts. And of course a review of Immortal War! The fun all kicks off on 6th June so be there!

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