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Wednesday 16 November 2011

Waiting On Wednesday: Hollow Pike

Folk who follow me on Twitter will have heard me rant about how far away February 2012 is and it's only because of this book... Hollow Pike by Mr. James Dawson (is now the right time to announce I have a work colleague with the same name... Creepy...) who is very funny and well worth a Twitter follow! Check him out, but in the meantime, get a ganders at that cover (what a beaut!) and the synopsis...

Lis London moves to Hollow Pike looking for a fresh start. She's intrigued by the town's sinister history of witchcraft, ritual and witchfinders. But when a fellow teen is murdered in the woods in what appears to be a ritual killing, Lis starts to wonder whether the witches are really history after all... Who is the mysterious figure caught on camera in the trees at the time of the murder? Could he be the killer? And do Lis's ominous nightmares of being murdered in the forest mean that she might be the next to die?

It's out in February, published by Orion Childrens Books and you can pre order on Amazon, The Book Depository and Waterstones!

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