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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Angel Fire by L. A . Weatherly

Written by: L. A. Weatherly.
Published by: Usborne.
Format: Paperback.
Released: 1st October 2011.
Rating: 5/5.

Official synopsis: "Only Willow has the power to defeat the malevolent Church of Angels, and they will stop at nothing to destroy her. Willow isn't alone, though. She has Alex by her side a trained Angel Killer and her one true love. But nothing can change the fact that Willow's a half-angel, and when Alex joins forces with a group of AKs, she's treated with mistrust and suspicion. She's never felt more alone...until she meets Seb. He's been searching for Willow his whole life because Seb is a half-angel too. This is a heart-pounding, knuckle-whitening, paranormal romance."

First of all, let me start this review by saying that I absolutely love Lee (L. A. Weatherly) and Angel was one of my top reads of 2010. It certainly had my expectations at an all time high. I've never been so excited about a book that has romance in it (normally I HATE those sort of books, but there's something about this series that just captivates me and makes me forgive the fact that it is a love story...) so I was a little bit worried when I finally sat down to read this 700 page, beautiful looking tome. I have just 4 words to say to sum up how I truly feel about this book.

I. Am. In. Awe.

Yep. I am in awe! This book slayed me - and that is a very good thing. It made me feel so many things in such a short space of time that looking back I dunno how I coped and I'd like to know how other readers coped too! Haha. The ups and downs of Alex and Willow's relationship, knowing that essentially, for them to be enemies in the real world, that their love is wrong, and then for the deliciously described and atmospheric Seb to come on in and shake everything up. Wow. 

I now, after reading Angel Fire see this trilogy like the building of a house... Angel laid down the foundations, and now Angel Fire has built the skeleton before fleshing it out, albeit one almighty task... and now I can just feel next year's Angel Fever coming along and blowing everything to smithereens.

L. A. writes so beautifully. You can tell that every single word has been agonised over, that it's there because it earned it's right to be there. I want to thank her for yet another stunning reading experience. Because it was stunning. Never before has a book about romance ever hit me like this. I'm not that sort of person. I prefer my fantasy. And while the trilogy has a massive sense of fantasy, it also has a sense of realism that I think at times we all relate to, and it pulls me in.

A serious contender for book of the year. One of my favourites I've read this year and definitely had one of the biggest impacts. And I don't want to EVER hear anyone compare these books to Twilight. These books >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TWILIGHT... End of.... Okay?

Lee, you rock, please don't change. To put it simply, I cannot wait for Angel Fever. The next 12 months waiting for this book are going to be one colossal pain in the ass!

(My thanks also to the lovely people at Usborne for sending out my copy and for quoting my review of Angel yet again! :D)

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  1. I loved this book! Nice review, this reminds me - I have to review this series! :)