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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Zom-B 4 Gets a Title!!

2013 is one heck of an exciting year for fans of a certain Mr. Darren Shan. Four books from his current series, Zom-B, are due to be published every three months or so. We're already one down with the release of the awesome Zom-B Underground at the start of the month. So that leave's Zom-B City due in March, Book Four in June and then Book Five is out in October, with all the excitement starting again in January 2014 for Book Six... But back to the present... there's a title to announce! Oh yes!! Mr Shan today announced the title for Book Four and I for one love the title and can only begin to imagine the cover we're going to get (the cover is due to follow some time next month...)

So... the title... is...

Zom-B Angels

Ooh! Intriguing, right! Zom-B Angels is due out on 20th June!

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