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Saturday 17 December 2011

News: Anthony Horowitz and the Christmas Surprise

Christmas has just come 9 days early for me, thanks to Anthony Horowitz who, yesterday (yes I'm late again...) released the first chapter from the long awaited (and eagerly anticipated, I should add), fifth and final book in the incredible The Power of Five series. The book is called Oblivion and is out October/November 2012! So that for me is a big one to look out for too!

Now, the chapter is a gift from Mr. Horowitz, but he's not just going to post it up for you, is he? Oh no! You have to work for it - trust me, it's worth it! Just follow the clue on the following link (Anthony's Christmas Blog And Surprise!) and you should hopefully find it. If not, well it's only another 10 or 11 months until the books actually out! Not that long of a wait?! (Yeah, right!!)

I'm not going to lie, this chapter has me very excited for what is to follow! Bravo Anthony! Can't wait!

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