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Thursday 14 March 2013

Zom-B City by Darren Shan [Review]

Written by: Darren Shan.
Published by: Simon and Schuster.
Format: Hardback.
Released: 14th March 2013.
Rating: 5/5.

Official synopsis: "How many survived the zombie apocalypse?Where do the living hide in a city of the dead? Who controls the streets of London? B Smith is setting out to explore..."

This review begins with a question... Darren Shan, just how amazing do you actually want to be? Because you have floored me with Zom-B City!!! I don't know what it is you do, who it is that inspires you or how or why... just whatever you are doing, please never ever EVER stop. Ever.

This series is going from strength to strength. We're only 3 books in and yet it's gone from amazing (Zom-B) to freaking amazing (Zom-B Underground) to freakishly, clownerificlly - is that even a word? - amazing (Zom-B City). I just cannot express my love for this series enough. 

B Smith has escaped the Underground building in which she has been kept captive, only to find her home town of London completely changed, ravaged by zombie hordes - a lawless city, a dead city where few remain - few that are living anyway...

It seems the series is only going to get gorier as it goes on. We get to see more of that horrific creature that adorns the front cover, and he is not a very nice man at all. In fact I think I'd go as far to say he is probably one of the scariest, if not thee scariest, character Mr. Shan has created. I've never liked clowns anyway, I doubt many of us have - they're just so creepy. But this guy, Mr. Dowling, takes the biscuit. He's terrifying, ruthless and bloody. Honestly speaking, this book actually gave me nightmares! So thanks, Darren. Thanks a bunch! A sleepless night was caused by your good self. Mission accomplished right? To scare the life out of folk?! Ha.

No, I loved it. It's just so hard to review. Again it weighs in at around 190-200 ish pages and some of those are taken up by the fantastic illustrations  by Warren Pleece. So it's a quick read. A fast paced, pages-turned-so-fast-they-blur, read that could be spoilt so easily and I don't want to risk that. Just know that the series is taking off at break-neck speed and there are no signs of slowing down just yet.

And as with the last 2 books it appears that they're going to be ending on cliff-hangers. Argh! I find that so annoying. In a good way I mean. Because the next book is not here already in my hands so that my questions can be answered, so that my hunger for what happens next can be quenched as easily as the zombie's once they've feasted on those lovely, mushy brains they're so fond of. It makes me stir-crazy and writing this review isn't helping. Gah. Dear Lord I need Zom-B Angels now. I need to know. ARGH! I need help. 

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