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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Wranglestone blog tour!

I am so happy and honoured today to be hosting a stop on the Wranglestone blog tour to celebrate the release of the book of the same name by Darren Charlton! It’s been one of my most anticipated books for a while now and a review is on the way, but today it’s all about Darren and a letter to his younger self! Take it away, Darren!


Dear Darren, 

Now, you won’t know this whilst you’re busy bumbling around school being the subplot, the sidekick or the GBF (before such a thing even existed), to all your friends. You won’t know that whilst they’re experiencing their first loves and get to see the rest of the whole wide world mirror their own experiences back to them in books, (Heathcliff and Cathy) TV (Charlene and Scott) and film (Han and Leia), that your time will come. Not only will you go on to experience all those things for yourself, but you’ll go on to write about them too, and have them turned into a book.

More than that, this book, with its two loved-up boys living in a crazy world of dangerous monsters and even more dangerous grown-ups, will also find its way into some schools and some children’s lives. I know. This is unimaginable, right? Because where you are right now, such books not only don’t even exist yet but would be illegal even if they did. 

So, hold on. You will lose all that weight. You will go on to university despite failing your A levels twice because you fought for a place down the telephone, and you will go on with that ‘useless’ 2:1 English Literature and Theatre studies degree to have a creative life. And maybe the best kind, too.

You’re going to be a storyteller giving teenagers like you, something you’ll never have, a book that might just have helped you on your way. A story with two boys who love each other very much. 

But you will go bald! By 24. (sorry

darren x 


It’s so nice to think about the advice we’d give our younger selves now knowing what we know. My advice to my younger self would be don’t be such a push over and stop being so scared all the time. What would your advice to your younger self be?

Wranglestone is out right now and you’d be doing yourself a real injustice if you didn’t go out and get yourself a copy!

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