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Wednesday 5 May 2010

Waiting On Wednesday (4): The Cabinet Of Curiosities

Waiting on Wednesday idea from Jill atBreaking the Spine.

The Cabinet of Curiosities by Paul Dowswell.

Published by: Bloomsbury.
Format: Hardback.
Released: 5th July 2010.

Official synopsis: "
When Lukas de Boodt is orphaned, his uncle summons him to Prague, a refuge for Europe's greatest alchemists and natural philosophers, offering to take him on as an apprentice. The uncle is court physician to Rudolf II, the reclusive and unstable Emperor. He is also curator of Rudolf's bizarre Cabinet of Curiosites, four halls stuffed with wonders and scientific marvels such as nails from Noah's Ark, phoenix feathers and monstrous freaks of nature, which fascinate Lukas. As Rudolf retreats further into his fantasy world, the threat of rebellion hangs in the air. Dorantes, a diplomat from Spain, comes with his daughter, Celestina, on a mission from Philip II to persuade Rudolf to give up his heretical ways. But he discovers the court is full of diplomats who have been waiting months or years for an audience with the Emperor. Dorantes notices how some had wormed their way into the Emperor's favour by presenting him with fantastic gifts for his Cabinet, and sets about creating a device that he says will stop time. But it works only in the presence of the Emperor. Lukas knows the terrible truth behind Dorantes' mission. But sinister forces have plans for Lukas too, and before he can thwart the plot against the Emperor, Lukas must gamble on Celestina's loyalty in order to save his own life."

Now this sounds absolutely brilliant. An excellent premise. And the cover art is stunning. Very excited to read this when it comes out!


  1. I agree the premise is fab. I hope I get this for review.

    Have you read any books by F E Higgins? I think they might appeal. (I think we have similar favourites, don't you?!)

  2. I've got The Bone Magician somewhere in one of my boxes. Never got round to reading it though. Her publisher gave 100 copies away on Bebo back in the day if you became a friend and commented and I was one of the first 100! Haha. So I got it then but never finished it. Might have to dig it out again!

  3. This book sounds really intriguing! Fantasy and polictics! Gotta love it! Thanks for sharing :)