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Wednesday 17 November 2010

I Hereby Curse Technology...

Technology is awful! My laptop screen has spectacularly died. Well, the light has. If I want to see I have to hold a lamp up to it which is so annoying and awkward. Sadly this means the blog is going to be mighty mighty quiet and I am so so sorry! :( I hate it. I have to snatch whatever time on a computer I can! Mostly when I'm at work so I can't even do reviews or anything. Argh! :(

I get paid at the end of the month and will be getting a new laptop ASAP so hopefully things will return to normal then! I hope! I'll try and get some reviews up but in the meantime just know I haven't forgotten about you all, between work and blooming technology!


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  1. Don't give up hope! My laptop did that over two years ago, and I thought all was lost. If you open/close the laptop every time you use it, I'm told the connections get worn. I found that, with a lttle fiddling about, there's still one place the wires meet on mine. (Try switching your laptop on and moving the screen to and fro, keep stopping - maybe you'll find a place that still works). I have to leave my laptop open ALL the time now, or I lose the place ... but at least I haven't had to replace it yet! I guess you might not get to read this message, but if you do I hope it helps!