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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Cover VS Cover - Dark Life


Okay, so while I'm waiting to do my review for Dark Life by Kat Falls, I thought I'd do a quick cover vs cover. UK vs US.

This for me is majorly easy. The UK cover is my favourite. It's stunning. It stands out, the colours are brilliant. The sharks. The sub. The divers. The font and the tagline. Everything about this cover is just brilliant. It'll look great in the shops, and as I have already said, it'll stand out.

However, there's something I like about the US cover. It's so simple, elegant and the meaning is there. How Gemma thinks that the houses are jellyfish and how Ty says that they are designed to be like jellies. A very good idea there. I like the blues used but when it's next to the UK cover, it doesn't really have any appeal.


  1. Hmm - I think the US one but I like both:)

  2. I personally prefer the US cover, I think. The UK is awesome, but to me it says "young YA", where as the US one says "older YA" - and I'm all for the older YA novel, I have to admit. But I do like the UK one :)

  3. Ooooh, I've just remembered - this isn't the cover for Dark Falls! They changed it. I know because I originally used this image for something on my own blog, and was told by Kat at S&S UK when I was there one Friday that it's the wrong cover, and was asked to change it. The cover is the one used in the widget, on your sidebar. The black. Just thought I'd let you know :)

  4. That's a good point actually Jo. Didn't think about that. Do like the US one though. Both are great.

    And oh! Right. Okay. Better get changing it then. I do actually prefer the black one. :)

  5. I prefer the simple covers, so the U.S. cover is really my favorite. I like the saying "the less, the better". The less 'stuff' on the cover, the more hidden meaning there is. The U.K. cover is OKAY, but just not my favorite!

  6. I prefer the new UK one - the one Jo is talking about. It's ace!