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Thursday 16 June 2011

J.K. Rowling and the Pottermore Secret

Things are hotting up in the world of J.K. Rowling and I could not be more excited. Yesterday, news broke that Jo was preparing an announcment. Not a new book, but something equally as excited... Whut?! WHUT?!!! What could possibly be that exciting? Lord knows I've been dying to read something new from Jo since Deathly Hallows came out 4 years ago next month! Then a website appeared. Pottermore! Pottermore! WHUT IS THAT?! LIKE REALLY?! I did a little jig of excitement hoping all would be revealed. But no. This is Jo we're talking about here, the cruelest tease there is! And now this has appeared on YouTube... JK Rowling Announces. How amazing does that look? Really, that's your answer! There is a countdown to next Thursday when a video will be uploaded and Jo will finally reveal what it is! :D Colour me very excited! What do you think it is? Comment box is down below for a reason, get speculating! :D Not long now


  1. OMG, I am so excited! I pray that it would be a book, but we both know that is highly unlikely. It has to be something good though! She can't build this all up for nothing!

  2. I've heard all kinds of rumours floating round. At first people were thinking Theme Park somewhere else (mainly UK). I wasn't convinced on that one.

    Then I heard someone say, 'oh, it could be the encyclopedia, but in website format rather than book.' That one I was totally digging.

    Then I heard two other rumours at the same time; it was either going to be a forum of sorts for Potter fans to gather and interact, or it's going to be an online Role Playing game of World of Warcraft proportions. I could go with either of them, but I'm largely leaning towards the forum idea because some fansite found a trademark registration, which had phrases like, 'providing multiple-user access to a global computer information network' and 'providing online communications links which transfer the web site user to other local and global web pages' and other fancy computer phrases like that. So when I asked my computer-geek hubby what it all meant, he merely said, 'Think Facebook.'

    If it is that, I quite like that idea. All us Potter fans who just can't let it go, growing old together whilst we reminisce in one place. That would be lovely.