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Saturday 14 January 2012

News: Becca Fitzpatrick announced title for final Hush, Hush book

Earlier this week, on a GoodReads chat with Blood Red Road author, Moira Young, Becca Fitzpatrick announced the title for the fourth and final book in her hugely successful, and awesome, angelic series. 

Finale (yes, that's the title!!) is set to close the story that began in Hush, Hush and continued on through Crescendo and last years Silence. 

I for one am not quite sure what I think about the title. It does sound quite epic. Finale. FINALE. Finale... I just... it sounds weird to me to have a title like that. I'm hoping it grows on me. It's cool and very original and clever but still. I remember being annoyed when they changed the title for Book Three from Tempest (which I loved!!) to Silence, but I have to say that Silence has grown on me. 

I just hope the story can live up to such an epic name. And I cannot wait to see the cover art. Becca always gets such amazing covers. How can they top the cover for Silence though, eh?!

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  1. I'm not sure about this title either. It hasn't quite grown on me yet.