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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Cover VS Cover: Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver

If you are a regular reader of the blog, or follow me on Twitter (@empireofbooks), then you'll no doubt of heard me rant and rave about the amazingness of this book, Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver. Well, the book is out in just a few weeks, both in the UK (28th August), and in America (4th September), as well as being released internationally around the world in the coming months. There are a few covers for the book floating around, so today, it's a three-way Cover VS Cover, as I've found 3 covers that I really like...

I have to make them small so they'll all fit in, so please do click on them to make them bigger to get a closer look... Now...

From left to right we have, the UK cover. The Swedish cover, and the US cover. All three, I'm sure you'll agree, completely different and yet enticing covers. I'll start with the UK one, which I adore. I love the colouring of it, the crows - It'd definitely make me want to pick it up if I saw it in a book shop, for sure. The boy and the girl (Hylas and Pirra) silhouette, the eeriness of it all, I quite like.

The Swedish cover, I also like. It shows the dolphin, Spirit, as well as our hero, Hylas and his new friend Pirra. I'll be honest, I'm not a massive fan of covers that show the characters face so vividly. It does annoy me slightly as I want to imagine them, it's part of the fun. Also, Hylas does not really look how I imagined him when reading. I like the dagger in the background (very important in the story), and the Black Warriors in the background looking ominous. Lovely. 

And finally, the US cover. Now, I'll start by saying when I first saw it I simply said "No." Just no. Awful. But I have come to actually like the cover. I think what startled me is that it shows perhaps on of my favourite scenes in the book and it just didn't look right. Now however, I do quite like the cover. The colouring, and getting to see the scene in a new light is great.

Over all, I think I prefer the UK cover. Biased? Maybe. I just think it's the one that I'd rather own out of the three, although all three are brilliant covers!

So, which one do you prefer! And be sure to get your copy when it's out on 28th August here in Blighty, and on 4th September in America.

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