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Wednesday 7 April 2010

Harry Potter Series Gets A Face-lift!

Yes, I know I'm late to the party, thanks to having no web for 2 weeks, but anyway...

JK Rowling's phenomenal Harry Potter series is getting a face-lift! 7 stunning new covers have been designed by by renowned linocut artist Clare Melinsky. Clare Melinsky’s illustrations follow the style of traditional woodcuts and will appear on the front cover, back cover and spine for all seven titles in the Harry Potter series.

(to see bigger, click on image)

Clare Melinsky commented, ‘I was delighted and excited to be asked to illustrate the covers for such massively famous books – and seven of them! It was top secret for the best part of a year.’

The "Signiture" Look, as it has been daubed by Bloomsbury, will be published exclusively in paperback on 1st November 2010. I for one shall be buying these! Look amazing!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of them myself. I prefer the covers I already have. They're a little old fashioned.

  2. Yeah. I do prefer the original covers. But the Half-Blood Prince one and Prisoner of Azkaban one are both pretty amazing in their own special way.

  3. I think they're quite nice if you're a collector. I don't think younger readers will like them as much as the original ones, though.