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Sunday 13 June 2010

In My Postbox #7

In My Mailbox idea from Kristi @ The Story Siren, and all links take you to Amazon.

Another good week for me this week! Some very exciting things came through my postbox so without further ado...

The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

"In 1943 Max Carver's father - a watchmaker and inventor - decides to move his family to a small town on the Atlantic coast. They move into a house built for a prestigious surgeon, Dr Richard Fleischmann and his wife but abandoned when their son drowned in a tragic accident. Behind the house Max spies an overgrown garden surrounded by a metal fence topped with a six-pointed star. When he goes to investigate, Max finds statues like troupe fill the garden. In the centre is the large statue of a clown set in another six-pointed star. Max has the curious sensation that the statue is beckoning to him. As the family grows increasingly uneasy when they discover a box of old films belonging to the Fleischmanns, his sister Alicia has unsettling dreams while little Irina hears voices whispering to her from an old wardrobe. But Max spends most of his time with his new friend Roland, who takes him diving to the wreck of a boat that sank close to the coast in a terrible storm. Everyone on board perished except for one man - an engineer who built the lighthouse at the end of the beach. During the dive, Max sees something that leaves him cold - on the mast floats a tattered flag and on it is the symbol of the circle and six-pointed star. As they learn more about the wreck, the chilling story of a legendary figure called the Prince of Mist begins to emerge . . ."

Signed copy! Pic below... Read it. Loved it. Reviewed it. See below! Thanks to Waterstones and Nina at Orion Books!

Witch Breed by Alan Gibbons.

"When Paul arrives in 17th century London, he expects to be thrown into a life or death struggle for the three gates that imprison the ancient King Lud. But the battle doesn't come. Instead, Paul roams alone, learning how to survive in a city where all the talk is of the savage civil war that rages beyond its ramparts. Somewhere underground, Lud is waiting in his crypt, preparing to rise again. War, fear and want are his tools. But Paul too has his own weapons and is gaining strength and losing inhibitions about using it. Meanwhile, beyond the city, innocent women are being killed for it is so easy to claim that they are witches. One woman - whether innocent or guilty - possesses the only power available that can help Paul in his quest."

Never read any of these before but it sounds and looks amazing. Can't wait to read it! Thank you to the amazing Nina Douglas at Orion for this!

The Radleys by Matt Haig.

"Meet the Radleys: Peter, Helen and their teenage kids Clara and Rowan. An everyday family who live in a pretty English village and juggle dysfunctional lives. So far, so normal. Except, as Peter and Helen know (but the kids have yet to find out), the Radleys happen to be a family of abstaining vampires. When one night Clara finds herself driven to commit a bloodthirsty act of violence, her parents need to explain a few things: why is their skin is so sensitive to light, why do they all find garlic so repulsive, and why has Clara's recent decision to go vegan had quite such an effect on her behaviour...? But when mysterious Uncle Will swoops into the village, he unleashes a host of shadowy truths and dark secrets that threaten to destroy the Radleys and the world around them."

Now this sounds fantastic. And that cover! Wow. Now reading this and I have to say I am loving it so far. Thank you to Walker Books for this!


  1. Yay, great week! Doesn't The Radleys look excellent? And lovely signed Prince of Mist :)


  2. It does! :D I keep looking at the cover and thinking "wow, Walker Books done good!" :)

  3. Great books, I have two of them on my wishlist, so I hope you enjoy! :)

  4. Who doesn't like their books signed. Awesomsauce