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Sunday 18 September 2011

In My Postbox # 45

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Hello everyone! It's been a few weeks since I've done an In My Postbox so there are A LOT of books to get through today. Some very exciting ones which I have been waiting for for a very VERY LONG TIME!!! Angel Fire!!!! SQUEEEEEE! Haha. And some that I've been meaning to read for years and am now only getting around to, being the slowpoke that I am. Some awesome new books coming out too courtesy of some lovely publicists... so... let's get started...


CRYPT: The Gallows Curse by Andrew Hammond.
Dark Matter by Michelle Paver (paperback edition. Lovely artwork. Orion have outdone themselves this time!!).
Pure by Julianna Baggott (A completely white proof - some bloggers have black... It does have the title on it in a lacquer so you only see it if you get it in a certain light... Very cool!).

The Other Life by Susanne Winnacker.
Between by Jessica Warman.
Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick (lovely artwork that has a foil finish - cannot wait to read this, it sounds awesome!).
The Isle of Blood by Rick Yancey.
Lies by Michael Grant.
Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan (stunning artwork and it sounds so good!)
Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick (Signed US proof copy!! Lovely book with lots of illustrations. This one will be reviewed for sure. Sounds amazing... Thanks to Scholastic UK for the proof!!)

The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams China.
Darkness Falls by Mia James.

And finally...

Angel Fire by L. A. Weatherly...

ARGH! YES! AT LAST! Regular readers, or folk who are still checking out EoB after last year will know that the first book in this trilogy, Angel by L. A. Weatherly (review here...) was one of my favourite reads for 2010 and I was also quoted in the finished copy. Well this is the second book and I have been waiting for this since I read Angel last Summer. Yes. Over a year! Argh and it's been painful... But... Something more exciting... I'm quoted...

And mentioned in the acknowledgements!!!

Wow! Thanks Lee! :D What an honour. Cannot wait to get reading this...

And finally we come to the final part of this weeks In My Postbox (I said it was a big'un!!)...


The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett.


Okay, so earlier today I announced my DISCWORLD MISSION... I am going to be reading and reviewing all of the Discworld books by Mr. Pratchett. I've waited far too long to read the entire series, having read a few select books... Well now I'm going to do it. And I got these signed beauts from his official website. Argh. They are so cool. I keep turning to the title page to make sure the signature is still there. Haha. Gladly it is. As if it's going anywhere.

Also as part of my new Discworld madness... I brought these DVD's...


Both of which I watched when they were on Sky One and Hogfather is very special to me. The first Terry book I ever read and so it was my introduction to the Disc... Will be getting that book just in time to read for Christmas and being so special it'll have to be signed or there'll be some trouble go down...

So that's it guys. Hope you all have a great weekend (well what remains of it) and a great week!


  1. Ahh, so jealous of Between & Pure! And Wonderstruck! *dies* Really looking forward to that :)

    Not even going to mention anything else.

  2. Ahhh... Such GREAT books!!! You did AWESOME this week!!!!! Your bookshelf will be so happy!

  3. Angel Fire looks awesome, happy reading! =)

    My IMM:

  4. I have huge green eyes over this lot! That prrof of Pure is amazing! I am especially jealous of Lies although I still have to read Plague...

    Lyrical Review's IMM

  5. Pure looks so awesome! And you have a finished copy of Glow! Plus YOU WERE QUOTED! AND ACKNOWLEDGED! ;P So awesome! :D Happy reading!

  6. New Follower and I'm way impressed that you got into the acknowledgments! What a great feeling that must be! Loved your IMM this week!

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