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Sunday 16 October 2011

News: Hunger Games to launch for the adult market in UK!!

Now those who follow me on Twitter will notice that a few weeks ago now, I found some new listings for The Hunger Games trilogy on The Book Depository. Initially I thought they were just going to be the US covers re-launched or something as they had the American look of the previous books (the birds...). Done some snooping (Amazon really...) and found that they were indeed for the UK! And on Friday Scholastic took to Twitter to announce that these are the adult editions set to be released on 1st December. Now I for one love them and shall probably be investing in them... (They'll be my fourth copies as I have the UK ones already out, the US editions in lovely stunning hardback and also have all 3 books on my Kindle... Obsessed much? No!). Check them out in all their stunning glory, below...

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  1. Oh, my! They're so pretty!!! Much nicer than the UK children's editions which I own... I might just have to buy them! :)