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Saturday 6 October 2012


So things have been a little quiet on the blogging front for me lately. I haven't even been on Twitter as much as I used to. I kind of felt that I needed a bit of a break from blogging and so tried to cut back. I could feel myself burning out a bit and losing a lot of my enthusiasm for it. I know I haven't reviewed much this year, and for some reason my reading pace has slowed down and I've had some major book blackouts where I've not read for weeks on time. Coming from someone's that's read for as long as I can remember and with some gusto, that's scary. I've just had no enthusiasm at all. I guess, working long hours and having practically no time to myself, time to think, time to breath, it all got on top of me and I wanted to draw a line before I burnt out completely!

Luckily in the last few weeks there have been some books published that I have been waiting for, and getting excited about, for a long time and those seem to have re-kindled my enthusiasm of reading. (Those titles are The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, and Oblivion by Anthony Horowitz, both of which I've been waiting for for 5, and 4 years respectively.)

So reviews will resume with my review for The Casual Vacancy coming later on today, and with lots of books coming out soon that I'm very excited for, there will be plenty more where that came from!

Just wanted to give a little explanation, I didn't want to make this big thing of a break as I am prone to changing my mind like the flick of a switch and didnt want to just pop up and be like "Oh stuff it,"... I just quietened down and enjoyed a bit of out time. I did read a bit, and enjoyed what I read which is good. A couple of months ago I just couldn't enjoy some of the stuff I was reading but now it's all good. I'm reading when I can and enjoying it again!

(Would like to note that this isn't a "I'm quitting blogging post/I think reading it a chore/BLAH BLAH BLAH" post. Just explaining I wanted some out time and it's all good now. :))

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