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Tuesday 28 May 2013

#WeLoveYA: Julianna Baggot gives advice to her 16 year old self...

Something special today guys! Direct from the fantastic Sam over at Headline we have a letter written by Julianna Baggott, written to... well... Julianna Baggott... Or her 16 year old self, that is!

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Now without furter ado, Julianna's letter... Check it out below!


Listen, smart ass, you're going to get out of here. I promise. Yes, the hypocrisy of adulthood isn't easy to take, and there is more viciousness than you can imagine. You're glimpsing it here. The kid who drown to death on the carbon monoxide fumes filling the locked garage. The pregnant girls who have their own smock uniforms. But don't harden your heart. There's joy too. You feel caged, of course. You are caged. But what you're learning is the small kindnesses, what you're learning is who to slap down and who to stand up for. You will keep standing up. That won't ever quit you. So, for now, keep at it. The springs of the cage door will give, and there will be more cages to come, but you will keep finding ways out. Your greatest trick of all -- that reel of images in your own head. Guard that. Guard that with all you've got.

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