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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Title for Taken 2 is unveiled...

I for one adored Taken the first book in the (well...) Taken trilogy (I think it's a trilogy, it's a trilogy right? Correct me if I'm wrong please...) by Erin Bowman and I have been anticipating news on the second book ever since! If you haven't read Taken yet, you need to right this wrong right away, and why not check out my review (which can be found here) if you need any more persuading...

Well just moments ago, I got my wish. Erin herself has just unveiled the title for book 2! ARGH! Without further ado it is...

Oh man I love it. I cannot wait. She also revealed the official publication date. Mark 15th April 2014 in your diaries, calendars  smartphones or whatever else it is you use to mark important dates!

If you're in America you can get Taken right now at all book shops. If not, and you're from the UK like me, or elsewhere, why not check out The Book Depository? Free delivery world wide folks! That's where I got my hardback from and it was super cheap. I'll pop the link down below!

What do you think of the title? Are you going to read Frozen? Taken first though, yeah?!

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