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Thursday 2 May 2013

Marie Lu unveils CHAMPION cover art and announces new release date!!!

ARGH! FANGIRL OVERLOAD! I loved Legend and am hoping to get around to Prodigy in the next few weeks and now I have even more reason to do it and do it soon! Marie Lu today unveiled the cover art for the third and (sob) final book in the trilogy. And then she also confirmed that it isn't going to be coming out in 2014 anymore... because it comes out on 5th November this year! ARGH! Cue a lot of excitement. I cannot wait. Check out this beaut of a cover...

I just... Gah. I do not know where to begin. The rose. The grit! GASP! The bullet hole. All I can say is November needs to get here and get here soon! The cover alone makes me want to cry with all it's epicness and beauty, I can't begin to think what the book itself will do to me!

What do you think about the cover? Do you like it? Have you read the first two books? Are you excited for Champion?! Comment below!

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