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Friday 20 June 2014

James Dawson EXCLUSIVE Reveal!

Ladies and gentleman, fasten your seatbelts because you're in a bumpy ride in the next few minutes and the reward is oh so sweet!

Long term readers of the blog and of my twitter will know I am sure, that I am a massive fan of James Dawson and have absolutely adored the books he's already published. From the dark world of witchcraft in Hollow Pike, to the sunlit murders in Cruel Summer, to this years bone-chilling instalment, Say Her Name, he can do no wrong and just like everyone else out there who has fallen in love with Jame's prose and characters, am absolutely dying to see what he has up his sleeves next...

Well... That wait is over!

Today, it gives me great pleasure to host the unveiling of James' next book! Whilst the cover is still under construction, I have today the honour of revealing the title and the acompanying synopsis... Brace yourself folks, it sounds INCREDIBLE... Let's go...


Under My Skin by James Dawson.

"Shy, retiring wallflower Sally Feather has never done anything wild in her life. A tattoo would be out of the question, but there's just something about Molly Sue, a stunning pin-up girl tattoo she sees in The House of Skin tattoo parlour.

Feeling daring, Sally agrees to the tattoo, but before she's even healed, Molly Sue starts whispering to Sally. And she's telling her to do very bad things...

UNDER MY SKIN is the chilling new nightmare from the international bestselling author of SAY HER NAME, CRUEL SUMMER and HOLLOW PIKE."


Oh boy! How amazing does that sounds? Sounds so good and so so creepy! If it's as scary as Say Her Name I know I'll be sleeping with the light on for a bit when I read it! Ha! I cannot wait to read it or see the cover! Argh! So exciting.

Thank you so much to James for this, you're amazing, and Hot Key Books! Fantastic stuff, so grateful you chose me to do the big reveal! Such an honour! :)

So, what do you think about how Under My Skin sounds? Are you looking forward to it? Comment below!!

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