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Wednesday 17 February 2010

Alan Carr: Look Who It Is! [Review]

Written by: Alan Carr (No Ghost Writer like most celebs!)
Publisher: Harpercollins UK.
Format: Hardback (now available in paperback).
Released: 1st October 2008.
Rating: 5/5.

Official synopsis: "The brilliantly funny Sunday Times top ten bestseller. Alan Carr tells his life story in his own words, from growing up in a football-mad family in Northampton to his rise as one of Britain's best-loved comedians. 'Puberty had been unkind. Whereas it had come in the night and left the other boys with chiselled, stubbly chins and deep masculine voices, I'd been left with a huge pair of knockers and the voice of a pensioner.' Alan Carr grew up in one of the most boring towns in England -- Northampton. A place known for making shoes. It was also known for its football club, Northampton Town FC. Alan's dad as manager of the club was a local hero. A dream come true for most lads, but not Alan. Alan wore glasses and had man boobs at 14. He did not like P.E. In his very first book, Alan tells his life story, ('oh and what a life') with his unique twist of natural, observational humour -- 'I'm not saying I'm a fantasist but there have been times when things that I've seen on television when I was younger have tended to seep into my subconscious and blended into my own life. I remember telling my Mum about the time I stopped that woman from having a diamond encrusted necklace stolen and she'd say 'No Alan, that was Poirot.' With his tongue-in-cheek, end of pier humour that made him famous, Alan describes an ordinary life in bursts of technicolour. His journey from awkward schoolboy hiding his man-boobs on the pitch, drinking tea with the dinner ladies and working in a call centre, to becoming one of our best-loved comedians likened to the great Frankie Howerd, make his book a guaranteed tickler with a laugh-out-loud gag on every page."

I don't normally read autobiographies/biographies. It's only generally people who I am a fan of. And as my favourite comedian, Alan Carr's autobiography, Look Who It Is! was a must-read. And I wan't disappointed.

From the word go, Alan re-tells his life in hilarious detail. From his football mad dad trying to get him to be at least able to kick a ball, to the pet cat Big Puss who terrorised the neigbourhood. Laugh after laugh. It took me ages to read because I kept having laughing fits.

I've always thought Alan was funny, and this book only solidifies that for me. You can just hear him saying it as part of his show. He's the sort of person with a very distinctive voice, and so it's easy to imagine him reading. And he hasn't half had some funny moments in his life, some strage situations, so it isn't hard to see why he got into the comedy game.

If you are an Alan Carr fan, I cannot recommend this boom enough. It takes us right up to when Alan agreed to take part in the Friday Night Project and is filled with hilarious gags that will have you sputtering with laughter.

And most surprising of all, Alan actually wrote the book himself. No Ghost Writers here! Something that not many celebrities can say about their own autobiographies.

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  1. I'm not much of a biography person myself, either, but I am a huge fan of Alan Carr, he's just hilarious. My Nan got his autobiography for Christmas and said it's a laugh a minute. I may have to borrow it from her some time. Thanks for the review Ryan!