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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Mockingjay officially to be split into two parts!

Hell yes!! Lionsgate, the makers of The Hunger Games films have just announced officially that they are splitting the incredible Mockingjay into two parts. I for one am so freaking excited! They'll fit in way more of the book, and hopefully show a lot more action than if they had to cram it all into one!

Part 1 is out 21st November 2014. And Part 2, the fourth and final film, will be out on 20th November 2015! So so so freaking excited! So far away, but I cannot wait!

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  1. Hi Ryan!
    I saw the trailer for the Hunger Games and decided I didn't want to watch it (as it deviated from how I imagine the books to be like), but Mockingjay being split into two parts is awesome! This way they'll get into more detail :) It's not one of my favourite books, but it's freaking awesome nonetheless :D