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Friday 2 July 2010

News: Gallows At Twilight Cover Art

How incredibly amazing does this look? This is the stunning cover art for the second book in William Hussey's phenomenal Witchfinder trilogy. Gallows At Twilight is published in January (2011), and I for one simply cannot wait. It is one of my, if not my most, anticipated released coming up. The first book, Dawn of the Demontide is among my favourite books of all time. Check out the synopsis for Gallows At Twilight...

"Eight pale hands – some with fingers stripped down to the bone – rose out of the earth. Slimy with rain, the rat-gnawed heads of four soldiers loomed into view. They moaned at the sky and their cry moulded itself into a word: ‘FLLLLLLEEESSSSSSSSHHHHH!’

The Demon Father has escaped from hell and walks among us, his trident symbol branded into the earth in countries all over the world. A scorching beacon. A call to arms. A sign that war is coming.

Jake is struggling to harness his powers and live up to his reputation of the boy who closed the demon door. But now he must push all doubt aside. To stop the Demon Father Jake must change the course of history – embark on a treacherous journey deep into the past and into another dimension, filled with horror and pain. A place where innocent people are tried and tortured. A place where the law of the Witchfinder rules. Let the rushes be lit for there will be gallows at twilight."

Sounds amazing huh? Well there's plenty of time for you to go and get Dawn of the Demontide before Gallows comes out. So what are you waiting for? Buy buy buy! You won't be disappointed. Need more persuasion, click here for my review from March.

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  1. Omg! I am SO looking forwrd to this! I absolutely loved Dawn of the Demontide, and Gallows at Twilight sounds amazing too! I can't wait! And I LOVE the cover! The Purple is just awesome! :D