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Saturday 11 September 2010

Cover VS Cover: Numbers


Earlier this week I posted my review of Numbers 2: The Chaos, the sequel to Rachel Wards fantastic Numbers, and so this week, it features in Cover VS Cover.

I only recently discovered the US cover art and I have to say that it is every part as striking and brilliant as the UK cover. I love the numbers used in the background and the placement of the eye. Also I think the 8 is clever in the place of the B in the title - little things like that always seem to amuse me...

But there's just something about the UK cover. The placement of the title, how it's so simplistic and yet effective. The use of numbers in the place of letters is even more clever and I love that the image appears in the title. I think that it makes for a more striking image.

So this week, I'm afraid I have to go with the UK. I love the cover and it looks amazing on my bookshelf.

What do you think?


  1. UK for me. The big red eye on the US cover freaks me out!

  2. It has to be the UK cover for me. Eyes creep me out.