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Saturday 18 September 2010

Cover VS Cover: The Familiars

US // UK

This week I've chosen the cover for up-coming action/adventure/fantasy hybrid, The Familiars: Animal Wizardry, already out in the US of A and published in the UK on 30th September. I have this on my reading pile and am hoping to read and review it this week.

Personally, I like both covers. They're very eye-catching and appealing. I like the shades of blue used. On the UK cover, I really like the whole looking glass image, the way the animals are silhouetted., and the way the font is placed. 

On the US cover, I really like the magical feeling it has. It looks more mysterious than the UK cover. I like the look of the animals and I love the font. However, it looks a little younger than the UK cover.

This week it's really hard for me, but I think the UK one just slightly pips the US cover to the post. It would be the one that I'd be more inclined to pick up in the book shop!

What about you? Which do you prefer?


  1. I like the US one better. I like how the picture is bigger. The UK one feels really small and squished.

  2. I agree that the US cover looks like it has that touch of magic in it and that's why it's my favorite cover :)

  3. I like the US one better. I love this cover.