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Monday 13 September 2010

Matilda by Roald Dahl

"In this award-winning Dahl title Matilda invents a game of punishing her parents when they treat her badly. She soon discovers that she has supernatural powers. New Quentin Blake cover as well as a whole new exciting end section about Roald Dahl and his world."

I remember reading Matilda in school when I was eight. I just remember being spellbound by this little girl who could do unexplained things. Every child at a certain age wishes they had magic and this book feeds off of that imagination and makes for a fantastic read. 

I have since passed this book on to my younger relations. My sisters, and my cousins have all been forced to read this book, as I think it raises some important issues.

At times, I'm sure we all think our parents are guilty of not paying enough attention, but they are nothing compared to Matilda's parents and it certainly made me realise that. On one occasion, I remember my dad not listening when I told him how well I'd done on a maths test. But then after reading Matilda, I realised that I'm listened to an awful lot more than Matilda is and it made me realise what a close family I have and how much I should cherish them.

I think that is the true testament to Roald's work. Each and every book he has written carries strong moral messages, that it is important for children to learn. And not only that but they are captivating and truly hard to put down. It's hard to keep the attention of young children but it's something Roald Dahl managed to do when he was alive, and continues to do long since he passed away.

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