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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Hollow Pike Blog Tour: Hypothetical Cast

Today, I am honoured to host the wonderful James Dawson as part of the Hollow Pike Blog Tour!! Hollow Pike is a book made of pure awesome, so without further ado, take it away James!!


When writing a novel, I doubt anyone does so with a film adaptation in mind. But it’s a sign of the times that when I tell people I have a book coming out, the second thing they ask (after ‘what’s it about?’) is ‘when is the film coming out?’ Well at the moment, never, but you can’t help but imagine who’d play who in a film or TV adaptation. With this in mind, here is my dream cast list for the Hollow Pike saga.

Before I reel off the list, you’ll note that the main characters of Lis, Danny, Kitty, Delilah and Jack are absent. Why? I feel that, much like in Potter or Twilight, these roles are gifts to up-and-coming newcomers. I’d love to see young British talent fill the main roles. My pet hate is 28 year olds playing teenagers (a la Rizzo from Grease), so I would prefer the roles to go to actual teenage rising stars. The adult cast however, I have considered…

Sarah Harvey played by Eve Myles: The role of Lis’s half-sister needs a warm-hearted Welsh woman, and I can think of no-one better than the Torchwood actress. In fact, I could almost picture Myles when writing the scenes. Although she is supposed to be blond…‘hello, wig department?’

Ms Dandehunt played by Imelda Staunton: One of my favourite actresses, I was especially impressed by her recent turn in The Awakening. Fans of Harry Potter will know her best as Dolores Umbridge, and although Ms Dandehunt is a much cuddlier character, she does have a dark side…

Laura Rigg played by Kaya Scodelario: The Wuthering Heights actress has exactly the right look for high school bitch Laura. More than that, her beauty is intimidating, something so important for the Queen Bee of Fulton High.

Mr Gray played by Matt Smith: He’s only known as Doctor Who at the moment, but, as an actor, I think Smith is one of best British talents out there. I think he’d be note perfect as the well-meaning, floppy-haired Spanish teacher and confidant to Lis et al.

Keith Monroe played by Idris Elba: Busy, busy man, but hopefully he’d find the time to play Kitty’s domineering police-chief father. Less psychotic than Luther and he’d need to brush up on a Yorkshire accent – after The Wire shouldn’t be too hard!

Leslie Sharp as Mrs Gillespie: I would KILL for Sharp to play this role. She is outstanding in everything she does. If you haven’t seen the Doctor Who episode ‘Midnight’, do so immediately. She would NAIL the creepy wise-woman of Hollow Pike. I think she’d keep viewers on the edge of their seats!

Tom Ellis as Max Harvey: The Miranda star would be ideal for Lis’s rock-solid brother-in-law. He has just the right father-figure warmth. Plus, I would get to meet him and he is hot. Problem with that? Let’s move on…

Enough of this speculative madness. It’s up to you, the reader, to send me suggestions of who should play who in Hollow Pike. Allow your mind to create your own versions of the characters and completely disregard my list! In the early stages of cover talks, I asked that there not be a photo of Lis on the cover for this reason – so each reader can make their own Lis. I always say read the book before the film, that way, if and when a film does come out, you can bitch with your mates about how your version would have been ten times better!

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  1. I love hypothetical film casts! I was wondering who you would pick to play Jennifer Rigg? I think I imagined her a bit like Helen McCrory. Also they are probably a bit old, like you say, but I imagined Delilah a bit like Lily Cole, Kitty like Zawe Ashton from Fresh Meat and Danny a bit like Aaron Johnson in a rugby kit. Mostly because that's a nice thing to imagine.