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Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve - Radio Silence

So it's Christmas Eve! :D YAY!

Merry Christmas Eve folks!

So that does mean radio silence for a day or so... Most likely on twitter too. Unless I get unmangable withdrawls from twitter I'm going to try and stay off apart from saying Merry Christmas and the like! I had hoped to get some more reviews up... I was trying to read a few books but the last few days have been hectic. You always plan to get things in order for Christmas, and every year you swear next year you'll be better... Never works out though, right? RIGHT! That's what has happened to me, and the family. We thought we were pretty much sorted, thought we had plenty of time and before you know it, boom, it's Christmas week already. Argh!

Plus I'm working today (9 till 2) which sucks big time! Ugh. And it's my mum's birthday so busy busy busy! :)

AND MRS BROWNS BOYS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! I am so so so freaking excited! Ooh! And The Grinch is on today! One of my favourite, if not my ultimate favourite, Christmas films! :D

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